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PK01 is a multi-functional portable kitchen island solution that can be used in domestic and professional contexts. It is designed to allow users to customise the design through manufacture in terms of size, cooking, preparing, storing, washing, socialising, and disposal. PK01 aims to provide the users with a solution to the kitchen island that can adapt to a variety of different lifestyles and uses.

The kitchen has now become the center of the home and as well as this its functionality has changed, its not just a cooking area but a storage space, a social space, an office space, it’s a place we meet with our family to converse on our daily happenings we use it to  entertain and communicate social status.

Ethical properties have emerged in the kitchen as our cultures have crossed, as a Europeanised society we have taken influences and eating rituals from many parts of the world and this is shown in the design of our utilities, the aesthetics in our furniture and in the way we interact with culinary items and tools.

Furniture is an everyday necessity that everyone uses, but no one gets any sense of ownership of the product they are spending money on. The process of digitally manufacturing a product is fascinating to me; it allows a product to have very strict specified qualities. This type of manufacturing is becoming more and more accessible to people for general use. 


  • The PK01 is aimed at selling to catering companies as a portable solution that can be transported to the job, and also doubles as a aesthetic serving platform for professional events.
  • PK01 can be used for small businesses as a pop-up stall or used at local markets as a platform for selling.
  • As well as being portable the PK-01 has the ability to be fixed as an in-home kitchen targeting general home owners and renovators, this also extends into bach living and can act as a professional barbeque for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Other target audiences could include campers or ‘glampers’ which is people who take luxury to the next level when camping. 
  • Commercial applications such as chefs and restaurant cooking, prep benches and washing capabilities.
  • Another target audience is the european market, especially those in Germany that take their kitchen with them, this allows the homeowner to have their own kitchen which is portable and transportable when moving to a new apartment.