Kia Ora! I'm a Multi-Disciplinary Industrial Designer with over 9 years of experience currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Design, to me, is more than a profession - it's a conversation between form and function, a dance of aesthetics and utility. I strive to create products that don't just exist but communicate, resonate, and connect with users on a meaningful level.

My design journey has been as varied as it has been exciting - ranging from product and furniture design to crafting immersive exhibitions and refining user experiences. Having lived in both London and Sydney and now back in Aotearoa, my global experiences have shaped my approach to design, allowing me to bring a world of insights to every project.

A significant chapter of my career has been spent in China, where I partnered closely with manufacturers, immersing myself in production processes. This hands-on experience has endowed me with invaluable insights into the tangible realities of bringing designs to life, from the first sketch to the final product.

Collaborating with international clientele has honed my expertise in consumer electronics and the intricacies of manufacturing, enriching my portfolio with a blend of global innovation and Kiwi ingenuity.



Design Services:

  • Industrial Design Consultation
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Sustainable Design Solutions
  • Exhibition, Furniture & Experience Design
  • Artistic Collaborations & Sculptural Realisation
  • 3D Modeling & CAD Services
  • Digital Visualisation & Animation
  • Product Visualisation for E-commerce
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing Liaison
  • Design Strategy & Brand Development
  • Market Research & Consumer Insights
  • Technical Specification & Documentation


Siemens NX
Fusion 360

After Effects


Who are you?
I'm an Industrial designer with over 9 years of experience primarily working in the consumer electronics industry: (technology hardware products). Alongside this, I have worked in furniture, lighting, and exhibition design. I also often help clients with animation and product visualisation work. Throughout my career, I have worked for a range of international brands and gained a wealth of experience leading design teams to build successful products. I am now operating as an independent Industrial designer. 
Where do you work?
I currently work out of my home studio in Auckland, New Zealand. I love working with Kiwis and Aussies, however, I've successfully worked remotely with clients around the world. I will happily travel for projects, if necessary. International projects are welcome.
Are you taking on new clients?
I'm currently taking on clients for 2024. Feel free to book a call if you'd like to discuss a project.
How do you price your projects?
Every project is different and can depend highly on the complexity of the product and how much involvement you require from a designer. There is no project too big or too small and can price projects based on hourly rates, daily rates, or as a fixed fee. For a more accurate quote feel free to book a call to discuss.  
What software do you use?
Having worked across multiple brands and internally with different companies I've pretty much used every bit of CAD software there is out there especially parametric modelers. Currently, I am working with Fusion 360, Solidworks and Rhinoceros 3D in either native format or STEP files. Product visualisation stills and animations are done in either KeyShot or Blender. All other visual design work is done with Adobe CC and I utilize Miro as a collaborative design research and task-tracking platform.
Do you do engineering work?
I don't engage in complex engineering tasks, but my experience in shipping various products has given me insight into what can be achieved, allowing me to design in a way that aligns well with engineering principles. Collaborating with both in-house engineering teams and external consultants is something I'm quite adept at, and if necessary, I have a network of engineers to whom I can refer.
Are you hiring?
Not currently! But feel free to send your cv through to

Barnaby Ward
Industrial Designer
Auckland, NZ
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